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Value delivered by MTaaS

DRYiCE MTaaS is the world’s first and only hosted enterprise management platform powered by the DRYiCE AI Ops framework for delivery of IT Management tools. It enables an enterprise to simplify and transform its IT operations and offers a plug-and-play mechanism to consume it on a pay-per-use basis.

Utilizing the DRYiCE products alongside a rich partner ecosystem, MTaaS brings AI Ops to reality across all layers in the IT ecosystem - Observability and Monitoring; Event Management; Intelligent Automation (Server, Runbooks, and Cloud); Reporting, and Predictive Analytics. All layers are finally tied together by a cognitive virtual assistant for a seamless user experience.

For an enterprise, MTaaS eliminates the worry around the shortage of tool’s subject matter experts, challenges around tools licensing and maintenance cost, environment scalability, regulatory and process compliance, cumbersome processes for tools deployment, and regular patching/upgrade across all layers in the IT environment. With MTaaS, enterprises can simply consume tools-as-a-service without getting into any sort of administrative and maintenance activities.



Consume various enterprise tools as-a-service and pay only for what you consume

Faster time to value

Automated onboarding on MTaaS platform and templatized deployment with minimal manual efforts

Reduced risk

Timely rollouts for patches, version upgrades, and compliance checks owned and delivered by DRYiCE to secure customer environment


Consume tool functionalities without the hassle of license management, implementation, and toolset up in as-a-service model and pay only for what you consume

Automation first approach

Intelligent automation powered by Machine Learning infused across IT ecosystem layers starting from observability to event management to cloud orchestration, server automation, zero human touch remediation, and automated reporting

Better scalability

Scale the environment at choice or as per business demands independent of the underlying tools

Increased availability

Granular visibility into application helps prevent unplanned downtime

Continuous improvement

A unified view of the entire IT environment and holistic monitoring ensures continuous identification of gaps to drive continuous service improvement

Compliance first

Best-in-breed service assurance framework powered by DRYiCE Gold BluePrint and alignment to several industry leading governance frameworks/regulations to deliver the highest level of security and policy adherence standards

Impeccable user experience

Powered by a cognitive virtual assistant

SME access

Access to certified tools experts and practitioners when required


  • Business ready hosted platform

    Enterprise tools embedded and built-in multiple layers of an IT ecosystem to operate in tandem with the tools already existing in a customer organization. Various tracks led by certified experts

  • Plug and play mechanism

    Available for various enterprise tools eliminating the need for the customers to bear the initial cost of tool set-up and licensing

  • Transparent and flexible pricing

    Usage driven pricing on a pay-as-you-use basis

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Compliant with multiple industry standards for security and governance including ISO 27001:2013, FedRAMP, GDPR, SOC 1, and SOC 2

  • Robust governance model

    Templated world-class governance practices and processes for an IT ecosystem that is efficient, compliant, secure and ready for audit

  • Predictive analytics and forecasting

    Insightful reports including; trending analytics, SLA breach prediction, change failure prediction, capacity forecasting, resource performance, and multiple other areas

  • Pre-configured dashboards, views, and reports

    A rich repository of pre-configured reports and dashboards covering key IT operations KPIs

  • Self-service catalog based provisioning

    Provisioning of IaaS and PaaS services in a multi-Cloud environment, through an intuitive self-service catalog

  • Automation diversity

    Intelligent automation across incident remediation, service requests tasks, change requests tasks, scheduled executions, ad-hoc executions, patching, reporting, and many more

  • Cognitive virtual assistant

    Capability to provide a conversational AI-based interface to the end-users which does the heavy lifting of integrating with different tools at the backend

  • Standardization

    Well defined ITSM data taxonomy across processes and CMDB with a multivendor SIAM framework powered by SLAs and OLAs




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