Splunk>live! London

Accelerating business decisions

Nov 05, 2019
Intercontinental London - The O2, 1 Waterview Drive, London


Today’s business processes are complex and largely a 'black box' of interwoven technologies and corporate organizational methodologies that can span multiple geographies.

In our digital age, enterprises rely on technology and automation to drive complex business operations. Since it is often hard to ascertain why, where, and when breakdowns will occur, enterprises need to implement such measure to gain a holistic, real-time view of their operations.

We will be participating at the SplunkLive! and showcasing:

DRYiCE iControl

  • Business process flow monitoring and operational intelligence product powered by Splunk
  • On-demand services powered by Splunk

SplunkLive! is uniquely designed for those looking to:

  • Explore the Splunk platform for the very first time
  • Get started on their Splunk journey
  • Find out what's new for Splunk in 2020 and take it to the next level
  • Understand how their business can do more with Splunk

Meet our experts at DRYiCE Booth at the Intercontinental London - The O2, 1 Waterview Drive, London to understand how DRYiCE iControl can facilitate a digital journey for your enterprise by integrating IT and business into an end to end process views.




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